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Lucy Werrett is an award-winning director and photographer working across music, fashion, documentary and branded content.

She is mentored by Netflix and her work has premiered on NOWNESS Picks, Girls In Film and several platforms globally. Lucy is interested in unlocking unusual layers within documentaries by breaking conventional formalities and using her own immersive, visual dialogue to leave a lasting imprint on the viewer. Her film HOMEBOUND was nominated for Best Film and won Best Documentary. She relishes in culture and is drawn to larger-than-life eccentric characters and timeless stories that are at risk of being lost.

Her photographic work lands somewhere between fashion, portraiture and documentary and takes inspiration from her film practices. She is drawn to non-traditional authentic stories and inspiring characters and her work centres around identity, subcultures, communities, and adolescence. She aims to empower her subjects through raw, meaningful and distinctively analogue imagery. She is massively influenced by her roots as she looks to expose Bristolian narratives that are not under the spotlight.

Lucy has directed and shot for clients such as Resident Advisor, Clean & Clear, Barbour, Crisis, Focusrite, FLANNELS, Fred Perry, Universal, UBER, dBs Music, Crack Magazine, Saffron Records and many more.


commercial rep: Rattling Stick

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